Stuck for Christmas present ideas?

With less than a month to Christmas, fishing isn’t at the top of everyone’s thoughts but what could be a better gift than the promise of a day’s fishing to look forward to in the spring? Our fly fishing experience vouchers are proving popular this Christmas so why not book a treat for a friend or family member?

The most popular experiences are our half-day introductory lessons which give someone who has always wanted to learn to fly fish the chance to try it out and see if the sport is for them. We usually run these sessions on one of our local trout lakes which offer a peaceful and secluded location, perfect for learning. And they are well stocked with hard-fighting trout so there’s every chance of success!

Also popular this year are guided fly fishing days on our local Cotswold streams. These are ideal for anyone keen to move on from lake fishing or just unsure how to get the most out of our local streams.

We will prepare a custom gift voucher so you have a gift to hand over on Christmas Day. The vouchers are valid for a whole year so can be taken any time through 2022. To find out more, please get in touch via the contact form or email direct to

Sample voucher

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