Based in the Cotswolds, near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, Blue Zulu Fly Fishing offers tuition, guided fishing, advice and bespoke fly tying to beginners, improvers or advanced fly fishers.

It is led by Mark Purvis who has enjoyed more than forty years of fly fishing in freshwater and sea, stillwater and rivers in the UK and abroad.

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Mark was recently interviewed as part of an article on flyfishing in the Cotswolds by The Sunday Times. Download a copy | Read online

An introduction to Mark Purvis

I caught my first salmon on the Wye nearly 40 years ago while working as a ghillie on the river before my university studies.

Back then I first experienced the thrill of guiding an angler to catch their first ever salmon.

After a long career in scientific and technical publishing, I have recently taken the opportunity to change direction and spend more time on the river bank and less time in front of a computer. With several decades more angling experience behind me I’m going full circle and returning to guiding and teaching fly fishing on my local rivers in the Cotswolds.

As well as enjoying time on local trout streams I regularly travel both in the UK and abroad to chase salmon, sea trout and bass. Most of my salmon fishing is on the Aberdeenshire Dee and the River Wye but I’ve fished all the big four rivers in Scotland and have also caught Atlantic salmon in Canada and Norway.

With over forty years of experience in fly fishing in freshwater and sea, stillwater and rivers, I hope to now introduce beginners to the delights of this skillful yet contemplative pastime and help more experienced fly fishers improve their technique and skills.

I spent many decades perfecting the art of tying flies and it still gives me the same satisfaction today, to catch a fish on one of my own flies or, better still, to see someone else have success with one of my flies.

In Mark’s company you will learn so much more than how, when or where to fish. You can also learn, or be reminded, why you started and why you will now persevere.


I have been a member of the Cotswold Flyfishers Club for more than 20 years, I am an officially endorsed club guide and serve on the club’s management committee and the fisheries maintenance team. I take a great interest in all matters relating to the conservation of our local rivers and campaign locally for improvements in water quality.

I am a DBS-checked Angling Trust Level 1 angling coach licensed to teach all ages.

I am a member of the of the following associations:

Why Blue Zulu Fly Fishing?

Just over twenty years ago, my wife was searching for a name for her freelance marketing business. She came across a blue zulu sea trout fly I had just tied and loved the name combined with the marketing connotations of luring the customer, attracting them with great copy or visuals and then catching them with your call to action. She named her business Blue Zulu Marketing and hasn’t looked back.

If it’s good enough for my wife …

“Fishing is not an escape from life,
but often a deeper immersion into it…”     

Harry Middleton

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