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Which dry fly for trout?

What were the flies of the season on our Cotswold streams? I take a look at four particular examples that worked well for me on the riverbank this year

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Spring salmon time

It was touch and go but thankfully I was able to travel north in the last week of April and revisit one of my favourite places in the world – the River Dee where it flows through the Glen Tanar and Dinnet & Kinord estates. We were met by ghillies, hoteliers and proprietors relieved toContinue reading “Spring salmon time”

Is this spring?

I am writing this blog post just over a week into a new trout season and, like the early swallows I saw over the Windrush on Thursday, I’m wondering what has happened to spring. We have swung from a balmy March to a first week of April dominated by northerly winds and rudely interrupted byContinue reading “Is this spring?”

Is fly fishing the new yoga?

Fly fishing offers everything you need to enhance well-being: An immersive, meditative yet physical activity for mindfulness. One of the first sports to come back after the lockdowns, the links between fly fishing and positive mental health and physical well-being are well documented. Fly fishing is increasingly being seen as an alternative to yoga orContinue reading “Is fly fishing the new yoga?”

How to catch a fish

My previous blog looked at the steps involved in learning to cast, this time my subject is taking that skill and learning to fish. Casting the fly isn’t an end in itself. The purpose of fly fishing is to catch a fish. Before we start fishing, the very first consideration is staying safe. Whenever weContinue reading “How to catch a fish”

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