Stuck for Christmas present ideas?

With less than a month to Christmas, fishing isn’t at the top of everyone’s thoughts but what could be a better gift than the promise of a day’s fishing to look forward to in the spring? Our fly fishing experience vouchers are proving popular this Christmas so why not book a treat for a friendContinue reading “Stuck for Christmas present ideas?”

Is fly fishing the new yoga?

Fly fishing offers everything you need to enhance well-being: An immersive, meditative yet physical activity for mindfulness. One of the first sports to come back after the lockdowns, the links between fly fishing and positive mental health and physical well-being are well documented. Fly fishing is increasingly being seen as an alternative to yoga orContinue reading “Is fly fishing the new yoga?”

How to catch a fish

My previous blog looked at the steps involved in learning to cast, this time my subject is taking that skill and learning to fish. Casting the fly isn’t an end in itself. The purpose of fly fishing is to catch a fish. Before we start fishing, the very first consideration is staying safe. Whenever weContinue reading “How to catch a fish”

Learning to fly fish: The cast

One of the objectives of this website is to encourage those who have not fly fished before to give it a try.  We aim to take you from being a complete novice to becoming a confident and competent fly angler, but what does learning to fly fish actually involve? The first thing to learn isContinue reading “Learning to fly fish: The cast”